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 Tục Ngữ phiên dịch << HEADER >>

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PostSubject: Tục Ngữ phiên dịch << HEADER >>   Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:39 pm

Hi All,
I'm learning Vietnamese presently. I'm interested to get the literal translation (word for word) of some of the Vietnamese proverbs.

I have noticed that an English equivalent to a Vietnamese proverb sometimes does not provide a full flavour to the Vietnamese proverb.

1) The following is my suggested format for each Vietnamese proverb to be discussed :

A) Vietnamese proverb
B) English proverb - English equivalent
C) English translation - word for word translation of Vietnamese to English .
D) Comments - any additional explanation from eg historical, cultural perspective.

2) Each Tục Ngữ to be in a new post

example :
A) Vietnamese proverb
Đoàn kết là sống, chia rẽ là chết

B) English proverb
United we stand divided we fall

C) English translation
Đoàn kết - Unity
là sống - is life
chia rẽ - Division
là chết - is death

D) Comments
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Tục Ngữ phiên dịch << HEADER >>
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