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 Little Chinatown in Saigon - Asian flavours

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Little Chinatown in Saigon - Asian flavours Empty
PostSubject: Little Chinatown in Saigon - Asian flavours   Little Chinatown in Saigon - Asian flavours Icon_minitimeMon Aug 02, 2010 5:54 am

Hi all,

Just some random info.

Enjoy and comment!


Chinatown in District 5 is home to most Chinese Vietnamese living in Saigon. These Chinese are very proud of their heritage and have even set up schools and markets to preserve their culture. This uniqueness is best demonstrated along Tran Hung Dao and Nguyen Trai street in which red lanterns are hung in front of literally every house as an indication that a Chinese family resides within these 4 walls.

And since Chinese are famous for being very business inclined, you will find district 5 to be a booming and dynamic business hub where all kinds of products from clothes to chemicals can be found.

More interestingly, the culinary art available in this area is not only restricted to Chinese cuisines. A whole plethora of many other Asian flavors are being served in this district as well. So if you are a big fan of Asian recipes, Chinatown is definitely a good place for you to tickle those taste buds and compare. And here's a few recommendations to help start you off.

Ty Lum Hu Tieu Nam Vang - a Cambodian recipe
(Phnom Penh Noodle Soup)
93 Huynh Man Dat str., Ward 7, Dist. 5, HCMC
+848 3923 5904

Stemming from its Cambodian-Chinese roots, this delicious dish is a combined recipe that the Vietnamese have 'borrowed' and modified into what it is today. Nam Vang is Phnom Penh in Vietnamese, and the southern part of Vietnam has Khmer roots. Hu tieu is a Chinese-Southeast Asian style noodle soup made with a pork bone broth but cooked without fish sauce. “Hu tieu Nam Vang” has its special savory tastes served with boneless pork, pork ribs, pork offal, shrimp, squid, wonton dumplings, fried garlic, fried shallot, and/or scallion, and quail egg. This type of hu tieu can be eaten either with soup or dry.

Samyan Seafood Restaurant - Chinese flavors
382E-F Tran Hung Dao B str., Dist. 5, HCMC
+848 5405 1345

Located in District 5 center, Samyan offers many Chinese traditional flavors especially seafood recipes. More interestingly, their chef is from Thailand. And their best offers are crab, and shrimp dishes.

Co Do (Old Imperial Capital) Restaurant - Vietnam Imperial dishes
367 An Duong Vuong str. , Dist. 5, HCMC
+848 3835 6347

Specializing in Hue dishes, this restaurant is designed with a touch of both traditional and modern styles. And with many years of experience in dishing out Hue recipes, this has to be one of the very best that Chinatown has to offer. As in centuries ago where hue dishes was served to royalty, this is as close as you will get to savouring food fit for a king.

Korean Udon
102N An Duong Vuong str. , Dist. 5, HCMC
+848 3835 3103

You may think that this is just a small restaurant located on An Duong Vuong street, but as the saying goes 'big surprises may come in small packages. Many of its korean customers who frequent the outlet have testified that this 'feels just as good as home', which speaks volumes of a small restaurant situated thousands of miles away from Korea. Most popular udon choices are offered here with free soft drinks.

Sushi Express - Japanese sushi
756 Tran Hung Dao str., Ward 2, Dist. 5, HCMC
+848 3924 5881

This restaurant is set in a spacious location with many unique Japanese themes for you to choose from. Enjoy your meal in settings such as Samurai, Geisha, Sumo, etc. There are over 150 Japanese recipes on the sushi bar to delight your palates.
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Little Chinatown in Saigon - Asian flavours
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